Straytest Import - Export Services

Straytest Import Export Services is your logistics partner. We can perform all your customs formalities for both the import and export of goods throughout the world. And we can manage all your logistics needs. This means your goods will be safely transported and delivered to the desired location. We are a leading business in this sector, and specialise in the transport of vegetables & fruit.

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SLS Trucking

SLS Trucking is the newest company in the Straytest Group. We have our own trucks with which we provide all your container transport needs.

We make sure that all your goods are handled and shipped safely, and subsequently delivered to your clients.

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SLS Logistic Services

Straytest Logistic Services can arrange all your domestic and international transport. Our parent company, Straytest Import Export Services, will take care of all the necessary documentation and customs formalities.

We provide container and pallet transport for both partial shipments and fully-loaded trucks.

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