Let us take your logistics
off your hands!

Our unique company provides import, export and logistics services to the fruit and vegetable industry. For more than 25 years!

Unique & complete
logistics solutions

Straytest consists of 3 companies which together
provide a unique and total logistics solution.


Import - Export Services

Straytest Import Export Services is your logistics partner. We can perform all your customs formalities for both the import and export of goods throughout the world. And we can manage all your logistics needs. This means your goods will be safely transported and delivered to the desired location. We are a leading business in this sector, and specialise in the transport of vegetables & fruit.


Straytest Logistic Services

Straytest Logistic Services can arrange all your domestic and international transport. Our parent company, Straytest Import Export Services, will take care of all the necessary documentation and customs formalities.

We provide container and pallet transport for both partial shipments and fully-loaded trucks.

SLS Trucking

Transport Services

SLS Trucking is the newest company in the Straytest Group. We have our own trucks with which we provide all your container transport needs.

We make sure that all your goods are handled and shipped safely, and subsequently delivered to your clients.

Our history

Our unique company provides import, export and logistics services to the fruit and vegetable industry. For more than 25 years!


Straytest is founded by Jos van Kampen with the aim of providing documents for export to Russia and outside the EU.


With the expansion of the EU, the demand for export documents is changing so Straytest is shifting its focus to providing import documents. Within a few years this will be 70% of our business.


SLS - Straytest Logistic Services is established to meet the demand for expanding our services.


SLS moves to the Rilland location, centrally located between the 3 ports of Rotterdam, Flushing & Antwerp.

Types of Transport

Any type of transport according to your requirements.

Straytest Logistic Services can transport your freight in any way.
This can be by land, sea or air. Depending on your needs, of course.


Container transport from the port to your warehouse. Our lorries drive to all ports in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. We can also provide refrigerated transport throughout Europe.


Thanks to our close cooperation with the various shipping companies, we are always aware of when a boat is approaching the port. As a result, we are ready and waiting as soon as a container is ready to be collected.


If it has to be done really quickly, we can also arrange air freight for you. We pick up your cargo from all airports in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain.

The importance of fresh

We take care of your precious cargo

Since our inception, we have worked primarily with fresh produce. This means that we know the value of an optimal logistic process to ensure that your customers receive the best product.

  • Fresh Specialist
  • 100% Cooled Transport
  • Ocean freight, warehousing & quality partners focused on fresh
  • At home in all European fresh locations
  • Right in the fresh centre of Europe

Supply Chain

Free up time for your business.

The world is constantly changing. More deliveries are made directly, so it is nice to work with a logistics service provider who takes your concerns off your hands. With our knowledge and expertise, we give your organisation a logistical advantage and you have more time for your business.

Straytest services

Straytest takes on almost all of your logistical challenges.

Our customers arrange transport from the grower to the port and we take it from there. If desired, we can take care of the entire logistics chain for you. You only deliver the bill off cargo, EUR1 & phyto.

Special Services

Anything is possible


Storage and logistics services can be provided by us.

Quality control

All forms of quality control can be provided by us.


We work together with fixed partners for the careful repackaging of your fresh goods.


We take care of any claims against the shipping companies.

We deliver

Everything fresh & on time

Once the shipment arrives at the port, we take care of all documents and logistical processes.

Why Straytest

With our fleet of more than 40 trucks, we are able to handle 19,000 pallet movements every week. Where necessary, other logistics partners can be involved to increase this capacity even further.

Always available
Direct Customs Contact
Specialist in fruit and vegetables
40 trucks
4 × per day
> 900 stops
19,000 pallets

AEO Certificate

Your product is in safe hands.

Since 2010 we have been AEO certified for handling customs processes. This means that goods will be handled with the utmost care and attention and the entire customs process will be faster. AEO certified transport is less frequently inspected by customs because of the strict regulations the partners have to meet.

Do you want to know more about the advantages of this, please contact us.